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Welcome to Primrose & Oak Gifts. I’ve always had a passion for the power of gifting. When I present a gift to someone, whether it be personal or professional, I want to be proud of the gift I’ve chosen. Gifts should be an experience not only for the person receiving the gift but for the giver as well. Here at Primrose and Oak Gifts, we have elevated the art of gift giving by offering curated gifting for contemporary living. We strive to deliver an experience from the moment you reach us. There is a delightful process in choosing a gift for someone, from considering who you are purchasing for, what the occasion is and what would suit them best. We have eliminated all of the guesswork and created a place where careful consideration and implicit thought are put into every single gift. Our items are of the finest quality and have been purposefully curated in order to be flawlessly presented to you. We are both honored and excited to be able to share in this experience with you. Our team at Primrose and Oak Gifts, is committed to offer you our very best. The finest of quality items, exceptional customer service and a memorable gift giving experience.


Luisa A.   

Founder & Owner


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Our beautiful Zoey fills our office with love and joy.

"Curated Gifting For Contemporary Living"